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Thursday 6th of February is national Time To Talk Day.

Talking is so important for mental health not just for people to talk openly in order to help them with their feelings but also start the conversation to breakdown the stigma of mental health.

A few weeks ago I set up a Facebook chat group, we already have a thriving community there. There is a great mix of people from people currently struggling with mental to people that have learnt to cope. From people just thinking about starting running to people that have run races over 60 miles non stop!

It’s a great positive environment where there is no stigma, everyone understands mental health and we are all there to not just help and support each other with both mental health and running but also to celebrate our successes. It does not matter how small that success is from going out for your first ever run/walk to managing to cope in a situation that once made you anxious. It’s extremely important to share these moments and show others that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Together we can all help each other make a difference in our lives.

Pop along now to and join in with the conversation.

Happy running,


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