The Coronavirus Media Circus Is In Town!

It’s been a while since I wrote on my blog or updated my social media pages, read on and I’ll tell you why.

Firstly I’d like to send my condolences to anyone who has lost a loved one and my huge thanks to all of the key workers out there, not just the NHS staff but everyone that keeps our insane world running, bin men to shopworkers, the police, all of you with thankless underpaid tasks.

Runners, bloggers and The Oh So Good.

It seems everyone is now a blogger about exercise and mental health, the last thing anyone wants on their social media feed is yet more. I for one have found it overwhelming and the last thing I have wanted to do is add to it. All these perfect people that get up, get out and manage to exercise whilst also balancing working from home, homeschooling and not being able to leave the house apart from exercise!

Also everyone now seems to be a runner, not that I’ve been out, I’ve read all the horror stories of people invading your space breathing germs all over you and the countless moans and groans about runners spreading their germs with their heavy breathing. Then there are the people that flout the rules, go out in groups post pictures of it and give us all a bad name. No thanks to that, I’ll stick to my treadmill thanks, life is stressful enough at the moment, I don’t want to run in fear of being contaminated or judged.

Then we have the social media heros, the ones that never do anything for others and suddenly adorn their social media feed with pictures of them helping the vulnerable. The endless companies paying for adverts to show they are giving discount to the NHS, this isn’t about helping the NHS, this is about advertising. How many Indian takeaway owners have you seen on social media standing in front of their restaurants handing over bags of food to nurses with a big smile on their faces?

Media and The Money Machine.

Is it me or is every advert on TV, in the paper or on social media forcing Coronavirus down your throat?

Yes there are some good things, the information we need to be informed and stay safe. What I am on about is the constant bombardment of hidden money making that is going on. I’m all for charity and will give to charity but I have some questions about what is going on here.

How many virtual runs have you seen to raise money for the NHS? The fantastic Tom Moore has raised over £20 million and now has a number one single out. The government have but in millions to the NHS Charities fund, The Big Night in raised over £20 million and the Government matched it. People are doing their ‘run 5, donate 5, nominate 5.

Yes we need to help the families of these NHS workers but do we really need to raise much more than £60 million? My thoughts here are around the money it is making, not for the needy but for the Directors, Managers and CEOs of these charities. Have you ever wondered how much they earn? A study published on the Third Sector UK website ( states that the average pay of Management of some of these charities was up to £699,000 per year in 2019! You can also see from the image below that grant making charities and anything to do with hospitals rank as the highest paid! Yes these people do a great job but that’s a hell of a lot of money.

*Courtesy of

With all these millions made they are still spending hundreds of thousands on TV adverts asking for more!

With the charities done let’s look what else there is out there that’s trying to take your hard earned cash in the name of Coronavirus?

Noticed the amount of life insurance and will writing companies advertising, at a time when you may be worried? The corner shop owners inflating prices of toilet rolls, hand gels and the like? Suddenly the BOGOF offers have disappeared from the supermarket shelves. Our TV’s are chock-a-block with adverts for cleaning products.

Final Thoughts

OK, now you probably feel I’m being a bit to harsh here, I probably am in some respect but I am just feeling totally overwhelmed, I think all of this media circus is making me feel more ill than the lockdown itself. I feel like I’m held captive while people constantly demand my hard earned money (don’t get me wrong I have donated), show me that I’m not a hero like them and just ram it all down my throat.

I do hope you are staying safe and well and that your families are OK and once again I say thank you to each and everyone of you out there working not just to keep us safe but also keep us fed and the streets clean, thank you.


One thought on “The Coronavirus Media Circus Is In Town!

  1. Hi Gavin,

    I couldn’t agree more with your comments. It is always an issue and on our mind re the huge amounts of money the heads of charities make, seems very disproportionate to others in similar positions of other industries. I think this situation has highlighted the good and bad in people. There may be the odd occasion where it has maybe made some look at their selves in a ne way but I think right from the start with those going out panic buying and hoarding even with the knowledge that it meant those in greater need were going without sort of set the tone and made me realise that those type of shoppers, who are also those who are probably flouting the rules, will never change and always been looking out for one person and one person only.
    IAlso on Facebook I have been aghast at the amount of people who appears to have become some sort of home based dictatorship by always being so judgemental on situations they cannot know anything about. An example of this was a police post re a 17 year old boy who got stabbed in Newmarket. It was so sad to see that a majority of posts were stating thing like “ he shouldn’t have been out”, Why was he out anyway “, shouldn’t be around at this time”. It was 7.30 in the evening. They couldn’t see beyond this even when pointed out to them that he is allowed out. But the fact that these people’s first reactions were one of finger pointing and blame and not of sympathy or horror is most depressing. No-one knew of any details of the event but so many quick to judge

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